“Balady expresses both, the acceptance and deny of ourselves, our bodies, our identity and our culture.” French and Egyptian women

“It is not an art”  French woman
“It looks easier than it is.”  Spanish Woman

“Arabic women can move and dance easily; they have it in their blood.” Uruguayan woman 

 “I didn´t want to participate in the Balady workshop, because belly-dance is refused and denied from the society.” Egyptian woman
“We are all women, we don´t think about our body and how it moves.”
French woman

 “I love to sing, to dance, it´s a way I am expressing myself.”  Egyptian woman

 “Belly-dance affects good and positive energy on me.” Egyptian woman

“it´s good to learn how to belly-dance, because maybe one day I will get married and my husband will ask me to dance for him.”  Egyptian woman

 “Stereotypes about Arabs, they are ignorant, intolerant, manipulative, macho and do not respect human rights.”  Two Spanish women

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